The Benefits of a Sustainable Community

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping. The tall trees are rustling outside your window, and the sun streams in shades of pale green, coloured by the foliage. Living in a sustainable community has benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as benefiting Mother Nature herself. Here’s why.

It Encourages Physical Activity

Research has linked physical activity to nature; these young participants had a self-rated healthier lifestyle, with the more time spent in green spaces. Parklands in urban areas has reduced drastically in recent years, playing into the typical millennial anxieties associated with city living. Living on a city’s outskirts, though still within access, communities such as Brentwood Forest give community members boundless space to exercise in and enjoy. A jog through forest trails and woodlands sounds a lot more relaxing than being crammed in on a treadmill!

It Reduces Stress

Studies have shown countless times that being in nature reduces stress. Specifically, this study assessed participants’ stress levels in three levels of nature: wilderness, parks, and built environments. Participants in forest-like environments reported the greatest drop in cortisol (stress) levels, perceiving their visit as an “experience” rather than simply a visit. Environments such as greenways and green spaces had the same stress-relieving effects as that of the wilderness: so why wouldn’t you want to live in a community with all the natural beauty possible? Beneath the serene natural woodlands and towering eucalyptus trees you’ll find Brentwood Forest. Here, you can relax, slow down, re-centre and breathe.

The Environment Will Thank You

When we hail the benefits of a “green community”, we don’t just mean that literally. Areas developed with a mind for the environment have a socially responsible, future-oriented air to them. A sustainable community such as Brentwood Forest has an EnviroDevelopment protocol designed to protect and enhance the existing native ecosystems. We human beings are designed to live in synchronisation with the cycles and systems of nature. When your home is developed with a mind for minimal waste, it’s sure to be good for the soul.

You Live with Less Noise Pollution

Did you know, more and more millennials are looking to buy their homes away from the noise and pace of the city? Living within reach of an urban centre while a short drive away, you have all the same benefits of connectivity… just with a little more zen. Sustainable communities replace the sounds of car horns and trucks with the crackle of cicadas, and the silence of a dewy, peaceful morning.

Social Connections

Having lush green spaces in a community means more space to socialise. Whether it’s a picnic in the park on a sunny day or a caffeinated walk with your neighbour, nature in a community gives rise to more social connections. From the leafy streets to the preserved bushland, Brentwood Forest is home to many people, young and old, who share a passion for nature and connectivity.


Brentwood Forest is home to parks and playgrounds, forest trails and activity zones, excellent schools, services and friendly welcoming neighbours. AVID creates places where people love to belong to.