2018: a year of highlights for Brentwood Forest

What a massive year we’ve had at Brentwood Forest! 2018 featured so many incredible milestones as our community continues to grow and flourish.

In February, we launched the $1.4 million state-of-the-art Tucker Family Park, giving our community a truly wonderful place to come together. The space – a collection of three Brentwood Forest jewels – includes an outdoor gym and play area, elevated dog park, toddlers’ playground and a huge 9.2m play tower. We also opened our scenic $1.2 million linear pathway in October – a scenic forest trail weaving in and around the Brentwood Forest bushland, connecting all of our beautiful green jewels together.

Last month, many of you joined us as we pledged to Take 3 for the Sea with renowned Australian environmentalist Tim Silverwood. A series of three events were held over a weekend in November, when residents and the wider community came together to support the global Take 3 movement and to raise awareness about plastic pollution in our bushland and waterways.

As more and more families move in to Brentwood Forest, it was exciting to see a new local childcare centre open and to have Bellbird Park State Secondary College (BPSSC) welcome another year-level of students. Next year, BPSSC will be home to three year-levels of students (year seven, eight and nine) and will continue to expand its campus with world-class educational facilities.

Finally, you will have noticed throughout the year the completion of some of our building projects and the beginning of some new stages. We are pleased to have launched Brentwood Forest’s Outlook Release and the award-winning Parkside Tempo Living Homes, and we look forward to opening more stages up for new Brentwood Forest families in the new year.