Brentwood Forest Giveaways has kicked off!

If you missed out on entering last month’s competition don’t worry – this month we want to continue celebrating our community with #BrentwoodForestGiveaways and this time the prize is even BIGGER.

For your chance to win a $500 Orion Shopping Centre Gift Card, all you need to do is share a photo you have taken of one of the #BrentwoodForestJewels on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #BrentwoodForestGiveaways #BrentwoodForestJewels #MyBrentwoodForest. The winner will be announced Monday 6 August. T&Cs apply.

The competition for June has now finished and a big congratulations to our #DogsofBrentwood winners and their pups Albus and Loki, Frankie and Nemo. Read more about one of our winners, Nemo below. Head to our Facebook and Instagram to see the winning photos.

Competition winner Louise Hawkins said her little pup Nemo is very special and was named after Nemo the fish because he too has a ‘lucky fin’. He loves to run around and meet other dogs at the new Pooch Park.

“Nemo is very energetic, you wouldn’t know he is missing a leg – he loves running around, so it’s fantastic that we can just walk up to the Pooch Park, being so close to our house,” said Ms Hawkins.

“Being a fully-fenced park means I don’t have to worry about Nemo escaping and wandering off – it gives me a chance to enjoy the outdoors and mingle with other dog owners.”