Get out and about in Brentwood Forest

Brentwood Forest has been sitting on one of Greater Springfield’s best kept secrets – a network of trails, set to give residents the opportunity to experience the forest and reconnect with nature.

Once completed, the network of parks and cycle tracks will connect Brentwood Forest’s residents and the broader community to open spaces, bushland and parks. Brentwood Forest’s 42ha of open space give residents the opportunity to experience unspoilt bushland close to home. Residents will also be able to use Brentwood Forest’s paths to access the 1.7ha of landscaped parks in our community and a $1 million linear pathway through established bushland.

Whether you’re an exercise junkie looking for a great workout, a nature lover looking for a little wilderness close to home, or just out for a stroll with the kids – Brentwood Forest’s trails will offer something for everyone.